Sodomy Yay!

Or: Why the Yes on Prop 8 people need to get a life,

Now, as you may or may not know, during the American election, a lot of barriers were broken. Perversly, however, for the gay citizens of California, a lot of barriers returned. Gay marriage was repealed on the same day the first ever african-american US President was elected. Such is progress.

Now here’s the thing: The ‘family values’ crowd say things like ‘marriage is sacred’. Oh really? When more than 50% of marriages end in divorce? When there are women (and men) everywhere stuck in abusive relationships but because their religion prohibits divorce, God forbid (excuse the pun) that they should put their personal safety and that of their children above all else.

Marriage is sacred, huh?

Or the next one: ‘It’s against it in the Bible.”

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are a lot of things God seems to disapprove of. Just looking at the two sections of the bible where sodomy and homosexuality are prohibited, John 11 and Levticius- if we abided by the rules set down in those two lovely texts, we wopuld never cut our hair. We would never wear clothjes made o fmore than one fabric. We would frequently sell our children into slavery. We would throw stones at adulterers. We would never cut our hair. Um. My personal favourite: if a man dies, his wife becomes the property of his brother.

Kay, we don’t do that any more. Not even the most hardocre of the religious do. So why should we apply some sections of the  Bible to the modern world? The fact is, the Bible, regardless of who wrote it or why it was written, is a text of its time, and what was practical in 200 BC is no longer realistic.

Also, it’s an issue of personal privacy. Why should anyone care if a couple of lesbians in Lethbridge get hitched? How does it affect you?

I wouldn’t dream of banning prayer in the home, or communion, Confession, or anything else that is, to be honest, a private matter. It doesn’t affect me at all. Therefore, would it be too much to ask that the millions of mostly religious anti-gay marriage people extend the same regard to the rest of the world and, I dunno, leave everyone alone? Honestly, I fail to see why it should be an issue. It distracts from the real issue sin the world of poverty, homelessness, and, I dunno, maybe that war we’re in. Get a life, s’il vous plait.


~ by sophiaxiv on June 12, 2009.

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