Close Encounters of the Tory Kind

I ran into the Honourable Minister of Human Resources last night. If by ‘ran into’ one means ‘cornered at the Kinsmen’s 25th anniversary and relentlessly browbeat her with questions’, which I do. I thought I’d take the opportunity to ask the Honourable lady about the cuts to CIDA, the Canadian International Development Agency. Her response?
“We’re taking the money away, not from the people, but from the guys I like to call the RBGs- the really bad guys.”
Thank you, Minister, for that enlightening comment. Would you like to chuck my chin and call me a cutey face while you’re at it?
After realizing that I wasn’t getting anywhere, I asked about Omar Khadr. She claimed that we couldn’t bring him home because he was forbidden from all air travel.
Here’s the thing: the UN Terror Blacklist, to which I think she was referring, allows air travel only if the terrorist is being returned to his home country.
When I mentioned this, she went into a small rant about media bias, then said “You know, if you take one thing away from this tonight, it’s this: there are three sides to every story.”
No, Minister, there are two. The truth and the lies.
Seriously, if I could simply say “There are three sides to every story’, or, ‘I could convince you but I’m not allowed to (I’m paraphrasing)’ do you have any idea how much crap I could get away with?
A lot.
In the end, after my anger and frustration dissipated, I just felt sad. This woman is representing me in Ottawa. She is in charge of EI. She represents a riding in which 1/7 people are out of work ‘temporarily’. Moreover, she is a member of the government. All I ask is some honesty.
As an employee, it’s the least she and any other Member can do.


~ by sophiaxiv on June 14, 2009.

One Response to “Close Encounters of the Tory Kind”

  1. Nice comeback on Khadr, quoting the UN! Diane Finley is probably not used to such informed questioning.

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