Election Fever!

Or, it seems like 2008 all over again.


Tomorrow at 11 am, Michael Ignatieff is going to announce whether or not we, the Canadian public, (or  you, Canadian public over 18!) are going ot the polls this summer. In purely selfish reasons, dear God I don’t want an election in the summer. I have to work outside during the day- I have no desire to get double sunburned in the afternoon and evening knocking on doors. Don’t get me wrong, if there is an election I will be there with bells on and am prepared to fight until we win, but stilll…

Do I think there will be an election?

I honestly don’t know. I keep waiting for someone to tell me, but I can’t seem to locate the Liberal mole from the 2006 election. If we do go to the polls, I can’t see it ending much differently than it began: we will doubtlessly have a minority government, we will still be in recession, and not much will change. If one looks back at voter turnout, the highest turnouts have been over real i ssues: The Flag, Free Trade, the Cold War, Conscription- you know, stuff that actually mattered.

The thing is, it’s not as though we’re at a loss for issues today. We’re at war, there’s a genocide in Darfur, America is growing protectionist, there’s a massive economic crisis, AIDS, cancer, and ever-growing gap between the rich and the poor, and people dying all over the world- but God forbid we should talk about that. Instead, it’s: ‘Look! The Leader of the Opposition was outisde the country for awhile and may even have written a book!’ or ‘Look! A Cabinet Minister’s DComm is incredibly incompetent!’

Hate to break it to ya, fellows, but we. Don’t. Care.

Talk about the issues (haven’t heard about the environment for a while, guys, hint hint.) and maybe we’ll listen.

Or you can continue on the hamster wheel path of Canadian Politics, where noone proposes policy and nothing is changed, with just the illusion of moving forward.


~ by sophiaxiv on June 15, 2009.

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