Close Encounters of the Grit Kind

Exams are done, I can obsess over politics again without feeling guilty. Fathers day, Michael Ignatieff held a townhall in my riding and I went and geeked it up a bit.

He struck me as smart, serious, a good speaker- and very, very depressing. He didn’t want to promise the earth, he wanted to be realistic- and I *get* that, really I do, but the thing is, people want to feel good about things. I appreciated the realistic view- but, frankly, it was a bit of a downer.

I asked a question, which can basically be summed up into: “Hi! Genocide! What will you do? ”

It was longer than that, but I wanted to know what a Liberal government would do about the genocide in Darfur.

The answer? Whatever Romeo Dallaire thinks should be done.

Not. Kidding, and frankly, Mr. Ignatieff, thats a fantastic answer. Basically, he can’t forsee a combat mission, but he could forsee a mission to protect the refugees and people in their homes.

Good answer, I felt.


~ by sophiaxiv on June 24, 2009.

One Response to “Close Encounters of the Grit Kind”

  1. That’s really an excellent answer! And an excellent question. I feel like Ignatieff is one of the few politicians out there who would take such a question as seriously as, say, a question about income taxes. I don’t always agree with what he says, but you have to admit the guy is a serious thinker.

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